An Easy Love to Celebrate | Pier WI Wedding

Molly and David had fun and romantic, fall wedding at Pier Wisconsin. There are lots of special moments to notice, and some include:

  • Gorgeous Fall Colors
  • Meaningful Speeches
  • David Being Honored as Marquette’s Season Ticket Holder of the Game
  • Molly’s Entrance to the Church
  • Family and Friendship
  • Live Band and Lot’s of Dancing

What Molly and Dave had to say about their film:

Oh my goodness, Craig!!! We just sat down and watched it (twice in a row! probably 6 more times tonight). We love it! That day was so wonderful but quite fast-paced so it is awesome to have this to really take in the details and the love!


Cinematography: Sikora Film Co.

Photography: Uttke’s Photography & Design

Venue: Pier Wisconsin 


True Friendship | Pritzlaff Wedding

Special Moment to Notice:

  • Ceremony and Reception at Pritzlaff
  • Rehearsal Dinner at Firefly
  • Lyz’s Animal Friends (peek-a-boo)
  • FOB heartfelt speech
  • Beautiful Floral and Decor

What Lyz and Dan had to say about their film:

We love it!! Thank you so much!
I love that you got the parrot playing peek a boo haha it made me want to live the whole day all over again! Thanks again!

A Room Full of Love | Bishops Bay Wedding

What Laura and Jack had to say about their film:

Jack and I love it!! You did a fabulous job!!

Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Rehearsal Dinner at The Coopers Tavern
  • Brunch at Sardine where Jack is a chef
  • Laura prepping at the salon
  • Laura’s beautiful dress
  • Story driven audio from the toasts
  • Picturesque views of the Capital
  • UW Marching Band!



A Votre Sante | MCC, Basilica, Private Tent Wedding

Special moments to notice about their film:

  • English Garden Theme
  • Beautiful Floral and Design from Impressions
  • Signature style by Dynamic Events
  • Marnie’s beautiful dress
  • Story driven audio from the toasts
  • The amazing Basilica
  • The fun cocktail hour with signature drinks
  • Dancing with the Band



Forevanich and Always | The Atrium Wedding



Special moments to notice about their film:

  • The beautiful setting at The Atrium for the ceremony and reception
  • The floral from Belle Fiori
  • FOB welcome comments
  • Guys having brunch at Cafe Benelux
  • Ladies at the Kimpton Journeyman
  • The first look at the rooftop
  • Pictures in the park
  • Ending the night on the dance floor


Hitched In The Bay | Gather on Broadway Wedding

Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Opening at the beautiful venue – Gather on Broadway
  • Craft cocktails honoring their cities and homegrown floral
  • The heartfelt speeches throughout the whole film
  • Elizabeth’s gorgeous dress and time with her bridesmaids
  • Alex’s gift
  • The first look at a park close to their childhood home
  • Historic church with family ties
  • Reception and dancing

What Elizabeth and Alex had to say about their film:

“ Craig, we love it!!! Thank you so much for capturing our day so perfectly:) ”


An Incredible Journey | Pier WI Wedding


What Christina and Charlie had to say about their film:

“Wow. We are speechless. The video is beyond amazing and literally feels like the weekend is happening all over again! We truly cannot thank you enough. You have an amazing talent! We cannot wait to share it with friends and family! It’s simply stunning! ”


Special moments to notice about their film:

  • The incredible design by Dynamic Events by David Caruso 
  • The Day at the Country Club, including golf and bridesmaid luncheon
  • A fabulous champagne toast
  • Wonderful Speeches from FOB, MOH and BM
  • Gorgeous Portraits at Villa Terrace Arts Museum 
  • Funny stories of Charlie and Christina’s past
  • Emotional vows
  • Fun reception



Why is this film unique to the couple? 

When you think of a fairy-tale wedding, many would describe a wedding like Christina and Charlie’s. Under the direction of Dynamic Events, all the planning and coordination came together to make a truly magical wedding! Since they had a whole weekend of fun planned for their family and friends, I was able to capture the golf and luncheon the day before. I always love being able to include the whole wedding experience in the film, especially when it involves important people and places to the couple.

As the wedding day began, Christina readied herself at her childhood home along with her bridesmaids. As you’ll soon find out, there were plenty of champagne toasts along the way! The sun was coming in through the front door just right, which made for beautiful detail shots of her dress, shoes, and jewelry. My favorite moment is when the excitement from the bridesmaids collides with the emotion from Christina’s mom.

Off to the church, where they had a warm and loving ceremony presided by the Archbishop. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to take portraits at one of the most beautiful spots in the city, Villa Terrace Museum. There, Charlie and Christina could relax a little, enjoy the fun of the wedding party and take photos at just the right time of day, with the sun setting.

Once all the family, friends and guests arrived at Pier Wisconsin, it was time to impress – with gorgeous floral by, The Flower Garden and an amazing team of talented vendors. The tent and Pilot House have never looked better and provided a beautiful backdrop to the speeches and dancing for the rest of the evening!



A Best Friend | Hilton Wedding


What Sarah and Forrest had to say about their film:

“This is AMAZING! We love everything about it!! Thank you so much for taking so much time and putting extra detail into our film. It will be something we watch often and share with family! Thank you again, it really was a pleasure working with you!!!”


Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Sarah’s Dad reading a poem she wrote when she was 8
  • The fun they have together during portrait time
  • Spending time with family
  • Reading cards from each other
  • Late night dancing
  • Meaningful speeches from family


Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Sarah, Forrest and their families made this one of the most fun and laugh-filled days we’ve been a part of. The genuine love for each other, as well as between the two families was so great to experience.

One of my favorite moments, was when Sarah’s Dad read a poem she wrote when she was eight years old. The poem was entitled “A Best Friend”, which was the reason for the title of this film. The way the poem fit so perfectly nearly twenty years later, I knew I had to start the film with it.

My second favorite audio was when Sarah’s sister mistakenly started her speech by saying Sarah was “thoughtless” – which brought a huge laugh from everyone there! She quickly corrected herself and explained how Sarah is in fact “thoughtful and selfless”.

The mix of emotion and laughs is a perfect way to describe Sarah and Forrest. Although they mostly spend time laughing, smiling and enjoying each other’s company, they still have a soft, sweet and emotional side of their relationship. It was a pleasure to witness both sides of their personalities and have it come across in this film.



For The Better | Legend at Bristlecone Wedding

What Andrea and Tyler had to say about their film:

“Omg! Craig! It’s amazing!!!! We love it. Thank you for capturing our highlights!  ”

Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Tyler’s reaction when seeing Andrea walk down the aisle
  • An emotional message from Andrea’s grandma
  • Beautiful portraits at Bristlecone
  • Fun and Energetic Entrance
  • Late night dancing
  • Sunset portraits

Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Andrea and Tyler had a beautiful day for a July wedding at Legends at Bristlecone. The day started off in a way I love when they prepped in their family homes. There is always an extra personal touch and meaning added to the film and the day itself when getting ready with family and friends.

One of my favorite parts of the day is seeing Tyler’s emotions when Andrea walked down the aisle. It is all you need to know about how special of a relationship they have and how long they have loved each other.

After a beautiful photography portrait session with Mo Schultz, the party moved inside for dancing, fun and a meaningful speech my Tyler’s Best Man. The film then closes on a couple of great sunset portraits before the night ended.