What Lisa and Reza had to say about their film:

“It is absolutely incredible!!!! It means so much and flows so incredibly!!! I love the story it tells from the beginning until the end!!! Thank you so very very much for everything you have done to put into this! We love it dearly!”

 Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Lisa is a hip hop dance lover from Kansas City and Reza is a soccer loving Iranian, mix the two together and you have a lot of fun but thoughtful and meaningful love between the two of them. We met up a couple times for beers before the wedding and it was clear they spent a lot of time thinking about and working on their relationship. 

Since some of Reza’s family was from Iran and couldn’t make it, the film was very important to them. They wanted to share the day with the many people who couldn’t make the wedding and we developed a story line that told the whole story of their whole ‘Wedding Weekend’. 

Special Moments to Notice:

  • Upbeat and fun music
  • Rehearsal dinner at Red Lion Pub
  • The story of Lisa’s dad visiting Turner Hall for the first time (firefighter’s hat)
  • Iranian traditions – Sofreh, Sword Dancing
  • The homemade video of Iranian family – a surprise to Reza
  • Reza’s Dad reading 
  • Handwritten vows with the Rumi poem


What was your favorite part?