What Abbie and David had to say about their film:

“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Tears were flowing just like in the video ;)”


Why is this film unique to the couple? 

While planning with Abbie and David, it became clear that they wanted to incorporate much of the European feel of Villa Terrace in their day, as well as in their film. Not only is it a beautiful venue, but they also wanted to host their family and friends in a place that felt special and somewhat ‘at home’, since much of David’s family would be traveling from Spain to the event. Villa Terrace has an amazing view of Lake Michigan, beautiful art and incredible opportunity to dine and dance under the summer stars like you’ll see in their film.


Special Moments to Notice:

  • Abbie’s Dad welcoming the guests, which sets up the story of their relationship  
  • The tender moments of tears between Abbie and David while listening to the speeches
  • The beautiful floral and details 
  • Anticipation of the First Look in the gardens 
  • Dining in the courtyard 
  • Dancing on the patio outside with a live band



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