A Best Friend | Hilton Wedding


What Sarah and Forrest had to say about their film:

“This is AMAZING! We love everything about it!! Thank you so much for taking so much time and putting extra detail into our film. It will be something we watch often and share with family! Thank you again, it really was a pleasure working with you!!!”


Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Sarah’s Dad reading a poem she wrote when she was 8
  • The fun they have together during portrait time
  • Spending time with family
  • Reading cards from each other
  • Late night dancing
  • Meaningful speeches from family


Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Sarah, Forrest and their families made this one of the most fun and laugh-filled days we’ve been a part of. The genuine love for each other, as well as between the two families was so great to experience.

One of my favorite moments, was when Sarah’s Dad read a poem she wrote when she was eight years old. The poem was entitled “A Best Friend”, which was the reason for the title of this film. The way the poem fit so perfectly nearly twenty years later, I knew I had to start the film with it.

My second favorite audio was when Sarah’s sister mistakenly started her speech by saying Sarah was “thoughtless” – which brought a huge laugh from everyone there! She quickly corrected herself and explained how Sarah is in fact “thoughtful and selfless”.

The mix of emotion and laughs is a perfect way to describe Sarah and Forrest. Although they mostly spend time laughing, smiling and enjoying each other’s company, they still have a soft, sweet and emotional side of their relationship. It was a pleasure to witness both sides of their personalities and have it come across in this film.



For The Better | Legend at Bristlecone Wedding

What Andrea and Tyler had to say about their film:

“Omg! Craig! It’s amazing!!!! We love it. Thank you for capturing our highlights!  ”

Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Tyler’s reaction when seeing Andrea walk down the aisle
  • An emotional message from Andrea’s grandma
  • Beautiful portraits at Bristlecone
  • Fun and Energetic Entrance
  • Late night dancing
  • Sunset portraits

Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Andrea and Tyler had a beautiful day for a July wedding at Legends at Bristlecone. The day started off in a way I love when they prepped in their family homes. There is always an extra personal touch and meaning added to the film and the day itself when getting ready with family and friends.

One of my favorite parts of the day is seeing Tyler’s emotions when Andrea walked down the aisle. It is all you need to know about how special of a relationship they have and how long they have loved each other.

After a beautiful photography portrait session with Mo Schultz, the party moved inside for dancing, fun and a meaningful speech my Tyler’s Best Man. The film then closes on a couple of great sunset portraits before the night ended.


I Can’t Get Enough of You | Schlitz Audubon Wedding

Special moments to note as you watch:

  • The venue and various nature scenes
  • Dan and his guys playing basketball
  • Katie’s mom watching her put on her dress
  • Katie and her dad walking to meet Dan
  • The beautifully written vows
  • The gorgeous lakefront pictures

Here’s what Katie and Dan had to say about their film:

“WOW, Craig!!!! That was awesome! You did an incredible job! We really love it (Katie was balling her eyes out!)!!

Why is this film unique to the couple? 

When we first met with Katie and Dan, they described feeling most “at home” in nature, which was the motivation behind the many natural environment shots you’ll view in their film.

I had a lot of fun filming with Katie and Dan because they have “history”, which from my perspective, makes way for the genuine feelings they expressed in their vows.

Sidenote: They both went to school at UWSP, my Alma Mater as well. In fact, my college roommate recommended our work to them. As if the connections had no end in sight, he was their ceremony officiant, too!


Oh, So Beautiful Life | Family Farm Wedding

What Maggie and Rob had to say about their film:

“We LOVE it!!!!! It really brought tears to our eyes and transported is right back to that beautiful day. We so appreciate your ability to capture every detail of the day and let it all shine. ”

 Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Maggie grew up going out the family farm and spending time under the willow tree and swinging on the swing by the barn. Knowing that we wanted to capture the stillness and imagery of not only the farm animals but the place where they would be sharing their vows together. Maggie and Rob’s handwritten vows matched their personality to a ‘T’. With her mom and twin sister by her side, Maggie walked down the gravel driveway, which she played on as a little girl, to met her new husband under the willow tree. 

 Special Moments to Notice:

  • Farm imagery, the swing, the tree
  • The first look 
  • Beautiful portrait locations on and around the farm
  • Carefully selected vows to move the storyline of their relationship
  • The heartfelt speech of Maggie’s twin sister
  • The fun and carefree cocktail hour and games
  • Dining and dancing under the tent

Location: Private Farm – Rural Wisconsin
Cinematography: sikorafilmco.com
Event Planner: themajesticvision.com/
Photography: Elizabeth Haase elizabethhaasephotography.com/
Dress: blissbridalonline.com/
Hair + Make-Up: Azana Salon azanaspa.com/
Floral: Flower & Bee: flowerandbee.org/
Catering: Smoke Shack BBQ: smoke-shack.com/
Dessert: Holey Moley Doughnuts: holeymoleydoughnuts.com/
Bridesmaids & Veil: Miss Ruby missrubyboutique.com/
Belt: BHLDN: bhldn.com/
Shoes: Jack Rogers jackrogersusa.com/womens-designer-shoes/sandals/capri-etched-bronze
Men’s: Brooks Brothers brooksbrothers.com/
Rentals: Canopies canopiesevents.com/
DJ: ACA Entertainment acaentertainment.com/