A Best Friend | Hilton Wedding

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What Sarah and Forrest had to say about their film:

“This is AMAZING! We love everything about it!! Thank you so much for taking so much time and putting extra detail into our film. It will be something we watch often and share with family! Thank you again, it really was a pleasure working with you!!!”

 Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Sarah's Dad reading a poem she wrote when she was 8

  • The fun they have together during portrait time

  • Spending time with family

  • Reading cards from each other

  • Late night dancing

  • Meaningful speeches from family


Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Sarah, Forrest and their families made this one of the most fun and laugh-filled days we've been a part of. The genuine love for each other, as well as between the two families was so great to experience.One of my favorite moments, was when Sarah's Dad read a poem she wrote when she was eight years old. The poem was entitled "A Best Friend", which was the reason for the title of this film. The way the poem fit so perfectly nearly twenty years later, I knew I had to start the film with it.My second favorite audio was when Sarah's sister mistakenly started her speech by saying Sarah was "thoughtless" - which brought a huge laugh from everyone there! She quickly corrected herself and explained how Sarah is in fact "thoughtful and selfless".The mix of emotion and laughs is a perfect way to describe Sarah and Forrest. Although they mostly spend time laughing, smiling and enjoying each other's company, they still have a soft, sweet and emotional side of their relationship. It was a pleasure to witness both sides of their personalities and have it come across in this film.