For The Better | Legend at Bristlecone Wedding

Highlight Film

What Andrea and Tyler had to say about their film:

“Omg! Craig! It's amazing!!!! We love it. Thank you for capturing our highlights!  ”

Special moments to notice about their film:

  • Tyler's reaction when seeing Andrea walk down the aisle

  • An emotional message from Andrea's grandma

  • Beautiful portraits at Bristlecone

  • Fun and Energetic Entrance

  • Late night dancing

  • Sunset portraits

Why is this film unique to the couple? 

Andrea and Tyler had a beautiful day for a July wedding at Legends at Bristlecone. The day started off in a way I love when they prepped in their family homes. There is always an extra personal touch and meaning added to the film and the day itself when getting ready with family and friends.One of my favorite parts of the day is seeing Tyler's emotions when Andrea walked down the aisle. It is all you need to know about how special of a relationship they have and how long they have loved each other.After a beautiful photography portrait session with Mo Schultz, the party moved inside for dancing, fun and a meaningful speech my Tyler's Best Man. The film then closes on a couple of great sunset portraits before the night ended.