I Can't Get Enough of You | Schlitz Audubon Wedding

Highlight Film

Special moments to note as you watch:

  • The venue and various nature scenes

  • Dan and his guys playing basketball

  • Katie's mom watching her put on her dress

  • Katie and her dad walking to meet Dan

  • The beautifully written vows

  • The gorgeous lakefront pictures

Here's what Katie and Dan had to say about their film:

“WOW, Craig!!!! That was awesome! You did an incredible job! We really love it (Katie was balling her eyes out!)!!”

Why is this film unique to the couple? 

When we first met with Katie and Dan, they described feeling most "at home" in nature, which was the motivation behind the many natural environment shots you'll view in their film.

I had a lot of fun filming with Katie and Dan because they have "history", which from my perspective, makes way for the genuine feelings they expressed in their vows.

Sidenote: They both went to school at UWSP, my Alma Mater as well. In fact, my college roommate recommended our work to them. As if the connections had no end in sight, he was their ceremony officiant, too!